You Already ARE Who You Want To Be

Purple Flower

The purpose of life is to birth new desires and then experience them fulfilled. And every quality you admire, whoever you desire to be, is who you already are. So, the only way to find satisfaction, meaning, and fulfillment in life is… By accepting that simple truth and living it. Stop trying to be the … Continue reading

“Thank Me”

Say “thank you very much” to yourself!  (I prefer “Thank me”) Learn to say thank you to yourself.  Taking responsibility for what you create in your life isn’t limited to those experiences you perceive as bad.    Give yourself credit for all the wonderful things too!   Acknowledge the great things you create for yourself on a … Continue reading

The Only Question You Ever Need To Ask Yourself

Most people spend all their time and energy trying to figure out how to get what they want. And when they can’t figure it out, they continue to offer more and more effort until they are so frustrated and exhausted that they can no longer see any available options. But, whether it’s more money, a … Continue reading

The Greatest Spice On Earth

When I was hiking the Appalachian Trail, I would daydream, nay fantasize of pizza, hamburgers, and all you can eat Chinese buffets. I would know days ahead of time which restaurants I would visit in the next town when I arrived, and I spent hours as I hiked imagining how good the food would taste … Continue reading

Allow Yourself To Be Surprised

I dreamed of living in the Pacific Northwest for a long time. In that dream, I enjoyed the mountains and pine trees, the ocean and alpine lake views. But I had no idea that there is such a thing as “Moss Season.” During March, as the weather warms and the daily sunlight increases, but before … Continue reading

“Dude, It’s Pouring.”

And with those three words, the reality of my life came crashing down on me… I had done everything that I thought I was supposed to do, and now all I could see was the huge gap between where I was and where I wanted to be. I felt embarrassed, hopelessly frustrated, and had no … Continue reading

You Are Going The Wrong Way!

“Alice: Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? The Cheshire Cat: That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland Do you know where you are going?  Do you know what comes next? Will you know it when you get … Continue reading

That Was Then, This Is Now

I’ve been reminded quite a bit lately that every moment of life is new.  It’s a new opportunity to choose who we will be next. Are the beliefs we hold, the actions we take, and the results we get the way we want continue experiencing ourselves, or has life caused us to desire something different? … Continue reading

Keeping Up With The Evolution Of Your Desire

Several years ago, I started a business growing organic heirloom tomatoes that I then sold at the local farmers market. It was my first serious business venture, and as such, contained many steep learning curves for me.  Although that business was ultimately unsuccessful financially, it was very successful in helping me to learn and grow … Continue reading

Are You Ready?

To AWAKEN, ALIGN, and be AUTHENTIC? To BREATHE, BELIEVE, and BECOME your BEST self? To CONTRIBUTE with unbridled CLARITY and CREATIVITY? To DANCE DANCE DANCE? To EXPRESS and EXPERIENCE the real you EXACTLY as you are? To FOCUS, FEEL FREE and FALL in love with yourself? To GIVE GRACIOUSLY and receive the GRACE you deserve? … Continue reading