The Inspired Life

Foggy Forest Trail

The level of discomfort determines the level of motivation to change. But do you really want to motivate yourself through life with discomfort? Inspired action is sooo much more powerful than discomfort motivated action. It will take you where you want to go more quickly, and much more joyously. You see, motivated action is always … Continue reading

Hi! I’m Zen

Ken with mountains in the background

Hi!  I’m Zen. It was 2013 and I was meditating while overlooking the ocean at Esalen. (A beautiful place located on the Big Sur coast of California.) I knew that I was going to be beginning my Appalachian Trail thru hike that April and had heard that people take on alternative trail names.   Usually they … Continue reading

To Those Waking Up

Trees with flowers

A spiritual awakening is a life changing event.   You begin to question your own identity, who you are, and what’s really important to you. This is both the scariest and the most powerful aspect of awakening.   It causes you to question assumptions you have held and conclusions you believed to be true about yourself, others … Continue reading

Rabbits, Foxes, And How To Find Your Passion.

Do you feel stuck, lost, or like you are just going through the motions of life because you haven’t found your passion?   Today, I’m going to tell you the secret to finding your passion. And this time, I think I will actually use a parable of sorts.   I always liked Aesop’s fables.  And the moral … Continue reading

Let Your Stories Take You Where You Want To Go

You will not believe what just happened to me.  My rental car was supposed to be an SUV with enough room for all of our luggage. Instead they gave me a smart car!   Really?  No, not really, lol. Your life is a story. It has many chapters, with many scenes.  The actors interact in either … Continue reading

5 Ways To Release Limiting Beliefs

We all have patterns in our lives, and these patterns are created by our beliefs. We keep creating the same job with a different boss, or the same relationship with a different face.  Maybe we have a habit of starting projects we don’t finish, or procrastinating to the point where tomorrow never comes, and we … Continue reading

Start Where You Are

So I have written both in my mind and on screen several articles designed to be the perfect “first” blog post of my new website.   They were brilliant and sometimes funny, with deep wisdom and appropriately relative actidotes interwoven throughout. They were designed to be the perfect platform to launch my grand vision of this … Continue reading