“Living By Feel”

I finally saw for myself, the Washington phenomenon called “parking by feel.” Seriously. If you don’t live here, it may shock you to know that it is a common practice when parallel parking, to play bumper cars, by backing up until you hit the car behind you, and then pulling forward. (I wonder if those … Continue reading

Giving Others The Benefit Of The Doubt Gives YOU The Benefit

Imagine someone at work says something mean to you, or maybe makes a big mistake that your boss decides you get to clean up. How does that make you feel? Angry? Sad? Overwhelmed? Whatever you are feeling, it probably isn’t good. And you feel completely justified in how you feel because… (fill in the blank). … Continue reading

How (And Why) Coaching Works

Most people seem to have a pretty vague idea about what coaching is. I used to be the same way. Even after receiving coaching for a while, and getting the results I wanted with it, I still couldn’t clearly explain exactly how or why it was working. But after spending the last 2 years experiencing … Continue reading

There Are No Mistakes

There are no mistakes, or lessons to be learned. There are only experiences to be cherished and wisdom gained. Every choice you have made has brought you to this moment, And you are exactly where you are supposed to be. No matter what has come before, The beautiful truth is that you get to choose … Continue reading

How To Feel Better When You Have Nothing Left To Give

One evening, not that long ago, after having an otherwise great day, I noticed as the sun was setting, that I started feeling like crap for no apparent reason.  It started out as maybe boredom, or just a general malaise, but when dinner time came, I realized that I didn’t feel like taking the time … Continue reading

Why You Deserve Everything You Want

You deserve everything you want for yourself. You deserve an abundance of money, health, vitality, opportunity and meaningful, loving relationships. You deserve to wake up every morning excited about what life has to offer, and go to sleep every night proud of yourself. You deserve the fulfillment of all your desires, curiosities, explorations and self-expressions. You deserve to consciously … Continue reading