“Thank Me”

Say “thank you very much” to yourself!  (I prefer “Thank me”)

Learn to say thank you to yourself.  Taking responsibility for what you create in your life isn’t limited to those experiences you perceive as bad.   

Give yourself credit for all the wonderful things too!  

Acknowledge the great things you create for yourself on a daily basis; the perfect parking spot, the perfect cup of coffee, or even a perfect moment, when time seems to stand still as you watch the wind play with the leaves on the sidewalk.  

Life is filled with gifted moments from you, for you.  

We usually say “Thank you,” when someone does something nice for us.  It’s only polite after all. 

Remember to thank yourself when you do something nice for yourself.

When you are doing the dishes, or maybe driving to work and all of a sudden you remember, “Oh, it’s so and so’s birthday!  I need to call them,” say “Thank me!” 

If someone had reminded you, you would have thanked them, so why not thank yourself?  

The added bonus of realizing all the times that you are there for yourself, or “got your own back,” is that you will start to trust yourself more.  

And the more you trust yourself, the more easily you can trust what you are creating for yourself.