The Only Question You Ever Need To Ask Yourself

Most people spend all their time and energy trying to figure out how to get what they want.

And when they can’t figure it out, they continue to offer more and more effort until they are so frustrated and exhausted that they can no longer see any available options.

But, whether it’s more money, a better job, relationship, health condition, reputation, or experience, everything you want is because you think you will feel better when you have it.

So the only question you ever need to ask yourself is…

How do I want to feel?

Whether or not you believe in the vibrational nature of the universe, or the law of attraction, I’m guessing that on some level you can acknowledge that whatever you give or send out to the world comes back to you.

So what are you sending out?

If you are feeling frustrated from trying to figure everything out for example, then the only thing you can get back is not the answers you seek, but more frustration.

Whatever you focus on grows and is reflected back to you.  

If you say I like this and focus on it, you will receive more of it.

If you say I don’t like this, or I don’t have enough of this, that is what you will receive more of.

So it makes sense, that when life causes you to identify what you don’t want, the first step is to identify what you do want instead.

Then ask yourself, how will having it make me feel?

What feeling would I like to experience more of?

And take time to actually describe what it feels like.  

The whole time you are finding new ways of describing the feeling you desire, you are actually feeling it, and in that moment, that is the vibration you are sending out.

So, focus on the feeling of your desire fulfilled until the only thing the universe can do is reflect back to you other feelings, thoughts and ideas, and then eventually experiences that match it.