Clarity And Support
To Live the Life You Choose

I have informally served as a life coach for many years, and it has been a true joy to support others in their own life journey.  

About a year ago, as a part of my own continued growth process and desire to dive deeper into coaching, I decided to formalize that role by pursuing professional coaching credentials.

So I enrolled at the Academy of Coaching Excellence (ACE), one of the most rigorous coach training programs accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

It is my pleasure to announce that I am currently accepting new coaching clients at a reduced rate as I complete my training.


So What Is Coaching?

As your coach, I will be in your corner, unconditionally supporting you to:

  • See who you really are and what is really important to you, so that you can “show up” in any interaction or situation as the person you know yourself to be.
  • See your vision of what is possible and the next steps to take so clearly that the path to achieving your goals seems effortlessly joyful.
  • Develop the skills needed to move from your present condition into the future you envision with clarity, focus, ease and grace.
  • Demonstrate what you know to be true about yourself by the actions you take and the results you achieve.
  • Achieve results in physical reality that are in alignment with what’s important to you in a way that reflects your values.


How Is Coaching Different?

Therapists focus on healing the past;
Coaches focus on moving forward.

Consultants give expert advice; 
Coaches draw forth your own expertise.

Mentors share their wisdom; 
Coaches help you to see your own wisdom.

Trainers set learning objectives;
Coaches help you to create your own learning objectives. 

Coaching is about breakthroughs, transformations, actions and results, and as your coach I am committed to supporting your commitment to your life.

As your coach, I will not tell you what to do.  I will help you find your own answers by clearing away the fog of confusion and doubt. You will then see clearly the next steps to take, and you will feel empowered to take authentic action.

I will support you in setting and successfully completing small sweet goals that move you step by step in the direction you want to go, and enable you to experience success, satisfaction and fulfillment in your life.

Might it be useful to you to have someone in your corner unconditionally supporting you in creating the life you choose?


Book Your FREE 45- Minute Discovery Session


A discovery session is not a coaching session.  It is a conversation designed to help you clarify your vision for what’s next in your life. 

It will help you to see what you are not currently seeing about a situation, and to identify any stopping points, challenges, patterns of thought, or behaviors which have prevented you from creating your vision in physical reality so far.  

It is also a chance for us to get to know each other, and to see if working together might be useful to you at this time.  Either way, this discovery session is my gift to you, whether we decide to work together or not.