Hi I’m Ken, The Backpacking Spiritual Life Coach.

I’m also an environmental scientist, massage therapist, business owner, forex and futures trader, amateur physicist, writer, teacher, video game player, animal lover, and whenever possible, international traveler with some educational letters after my name. 

But the information and experiences I want to share here primarily focus on my spiritual journey.  So let me put that into context.

I experienced a spiritual awakening in 2006.  It was NOT a gentle process. It caused me to reassess my core beliefs, and in the end, helped to redefine how I saw myself, my core identity.  

Along the way, I also became much more intuitive and sensitive to many things, including the energies of myself, my environment, and other people.  

I am very grateful for the support of friends and family as I went through the sometimes intense process of releasing and integrating.  But while their support was appreciated, many of them didn’t really understand what I was going through.  

I had many more questions than answers, and I lacked the tools needed to adapt to my new reality.  I researched constantly, read every book I came across, trying to cope and make sense of it all.

Eventually, I developed my own tools, used them to dig deep within myself, and then rebuild my perspective, my core identity from the ground up.

I began my own journey to find answers that resonated with me, that felt “true” for me, and honestly, some of those answers continued to change over the years, as I did.  

New experiences brought new perspectives, and I still continue to grow and change on my path everyday.  But I haven’t forgotten the challenges I faced along the way, or the support I found to help me face those challenges.

A spiritual awakening is a very personal process and everyone experiences it in a way unique to them.   

Over the years since my own awakening I have had the opportunity and honor to support others through their process; sharing the tools, wisdom and perspective I gained, while witnessing them go through their own personal life transformation.

I see greatness in people, and I love to help them see it within themselves. 

– Ken