What Happened When I Followed My Inner Guidance Without Question

A couple days ago, I found myself doing pushups for no apparent reason.  It wasn’t something that I had even thought about doing.

I was standing in front of my patio door, looking outside, when I looked down and suddenly found that the floor looked really inviting.  So I decided to lay on the floor while looking outside.

And that’s when I received an impulse to do some pushups.  10 pushups to be specific.  Then that was it.

Later in the day I received an impulse to do it again, and then again the next day.  OK sure, no biggie.

You see, I have been experimenting with what it is like to actually follow impulses from my inner being without questioning them, even when they don’t make mental sense.  

Especially when they don’t make sense.

Yesterday, I decided to go several hours following these inner impulses.  So after finishing up a meeting that morning, I got the impulse to skip the next one (it was optional).

My mind thought, great time to take a walk.  My impulse said enjoy some coffee and do pushups LOL.

After that I found myself doing dishes, then restocking the fridge with seltzer water.  Then I thought OK, I should take a walk now.  

Nope.  Impulse says to make some soup.  Even while doing that, I cooked it based on impulses.  

The ingredients I added, the decision to mash it up (which I haven’t done before), cooking it much longer than I normally would, and then freezing half of it when I was done.

It turned out amazing, but I wasn’t hungry, so I put it all away.  

Then I got the impulse to go for a walk.  It was 45 degrees outside, so I started to bundle up before heading out.

Nope, shorts and T-shirt only.  My impulse said I would be jogging!

I listened to my impulses as I started, then stopped jogging several times along the trail.  My mind wanted to analyze the timing of those impulses, but I ignored it.  It didn’t matter.

When I got home, I felt great and was greeted by the smell of the soup I had cooked before leaving.

After some stretching and a shower, I was exhausted and felt an impulse to take a nap.  When I awoke, the hunger finally found me and I was so happy to have my soup waiting for me.

There were many other impulses, but I think you get the picture.  

The entire experience was one of moment to moment guidance from my inner being.  I gave myself permission to follow it without question or doubt, and everything turned out way better than if I had planned it.

I even had multiple ideas for additional posts while I was walking / jogging, and that was one of the things that I had been working on earlier without finding my creative juice.

The more I experiment with unquestioningly following my inner guidance, I find that not only does everything seem to work out, but I also accomplish or experience things that I forgot I even wanted.

And your inner being, your true self, is doing the same for you, every moment of every day.

Like a chess master, seeing 10 steps (and much more) down your path of least resistance towards everything you have ever wanted, it is always offering guidance. 

It is up to you whether or not you choose to listen.

Try it for yourself.  And let me know how it goes.  

Just for an hour a day, when it doesn’t really matter what you do, and see what you end up doing.

You will find that just an hour a day of uninterrupted, unquestioned, undoubted, listening to the impulses you receive from your inner being will take you down an unexpected, yet surprisingly satisfying path toward everything you want.