I’m On Level 1806 And The Less I Try The Easier It Gets

So I have been enjoying a game called Lost Island.  It’s a simple tile matching game that I play on my phone.  I have been playing it off and on for a long time now, and I’m currently on level 1806.  

I like the game, because it is just the right difficulty for me if I play it without using any of the bonuses, bombs, rockets etc.

It has also turned into a surprising way for me to practice my vibrational alignment with near instantaneous results.

You see, there is a random component in the game that determines both how it initially loads, and how the new tiles drop as I play.

And I have noticed that the degree to which that random component falls in my favor depends entirely on how I am feeling and how hard I am trying.

When I feel good, the game is easy.  When I find myself getting frustrated with it, it just gets worse until I run out of lives.

After a while, I noticed that when I got stuck on a particularly hard level after trying several different strategies, I would just give up and go through the motions, knowing that the random component would eventually fall in my favor.

But when I did that, I kept beating the level on the very next turn!

That got me thinking.  How can I bypass the frustration and get to the result I want on purpose?

So now when I find myself either becoming frustrated, or with no idea how I can possibly beat the level, I consciously acknowledge that the only way I will beat it is through the random component that is out of my control.

I let go of trying to beat the level and just enjoy the game, while being curious and looking forward to how it ends up working out, because I know it always will eventually.

And when I do that, it inevitably works out very quickly in a way that surprises and delights me.

Sometimes, the feedback we receive in life seems a little slower, but I’ve found that it works exactly the same way.

So if you find yourself frustrated, or trying hard to figure it out and then make it happen, you now know that there is an easier and faster way to get all the results you want.

  1.  Know that you will get there eventually, even if you don’t know how.
  1. Accept that there are things out of your control, and that if you allow it, they will work in your favor.
  1. Find a way to enjoy the game, process or journey, while remaining curious as you anticipate the delightful surprise of how it ends up working out.

Game on!